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Re-accredited by NAAC (4th cycle) with A grade and CGPA 3.12 
Awarded the status of 'College with Potential for Excellence' by UGC
Awarded the DBT Star College Scheme
India Today Rankings (2022) : B.Sc.-88, B.C.A.-96, B.Com.-112, B.A.-119, B.B.A.-176

Examinations - St. Xavier's College


St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa affiliated to Goa University follows the scheme of examination as under OC -66.5 and OC 45 for B.A./B.Com/B.Sc.

The College has an Examination Committee which looks into the schedule of Semester End Examination for Semesters I-IV. Assessment of answer scripts of SEE (Semester End Examination) I – IV as well as declaration of results is duly organized by the College.

The evaluation of Course shall comprise of Intra- Semester Assessment (ISA) and the Semester end Examination (SEE).

A Course of 4 Credits for total of 100 marks, having only Theory, shall have ISA for 20 marks and SEE for 80 marks.

A Course of 4 Credits for total of 100 marks having Theory and Practical components shall have ISA’s only for Theory component for total of 15 marks, and SEE Theory component for 60 marks and Practical component for 25 marks.

The ISA for the theory component of a Course shall be conducted twice in a given Semester.

The schedule for ISAs shall be notified to all in the beginning of the Semester.

A student who does not appear for two ISAs of a course shall not be eligible to answer SEE of that Course.

The SEE shall be conducted at the end of a given Semester, and shall cover the entire syllabus prescribed by the respective Course.

There shall be two modes of evaluation of the academic performance of the students offering the B.A./B.Com/B.Sc. Programme, namely, the Intra-Semester Assessment (ISA) and the Semester End Examination (SEE), hereafter mentioned as ISA and SEE respectively, for convenience.

A Student shall be required to appear for ISA as well as SEE. The ISA tests shall carry 20% of maximum marks allotted for the paper/ Programme.

A student who does not appear for a minimum of two ISA of a paper shall not be eligible to answer SEE of that paper

The SEE (Semester End Examination) shall be conducted at the conclusion of a given Semester. Semester End Examinations shall cover the Programme of studies prescribed for the concerned / respective Semester.

A candidate shall be considered to have successfully fulfilled the requirements of a Semester and deemed eligible to appear for the Semester End Examination provided he/she fulfils the minimum attendance requirements (75%) as per the relevant rules of the University. A candidate, failing to fulfil these conditions, shall have to repeat the Semester.

The Schedule of the Examination and the setting of question paper(s) for SEE for Semester-V and Semester-VI shall be done centrally by the University. A Board of Paper-Setters and Examiners for the SEE shall be appointed by the University. This Board shall finalize question paper(s), and the Chairperson shall personally hand over the sealed set of question papers to the Controller of Examinations in the prescribed manner.


  • Student should answer two ISAs failing which he/she is not eligible to answer the Semester End Examination for that Course/Subject.
  • Minimum attendance as per Ordinance OA -17 prescribed by Goa University is a requirement to appear for Semester End Examination for that Course/Subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have not cleared my Semester papers can I take admission to the next Semester?

You can seek admission for Semester I,II, III and IV ie. First Year and Second Year but you will have to clear all your repeat papers before seeking admission to Semester V and VI ie. Third Year.

When do I answer my Repeat Examinations for Semester I to IV?

You may answer the Repeat paper in the next academic year during that particular Semester or there are Special Repeat exams held in May – June. Students may clear their papers during these exams as well.

Can I reappear for examinations to improve my marks?

You may avail a improvement of performance for Semester V and VI exams only. A student appearing for Semester I, II, III and IV is not permitted to reappear for improvement of performance under OC 66 -8(a)(ii).

Can papers be revaluated in case I feel I haven't been given deserving marks?

As per Goa University OC 45.4.4. “There shall be no revaluation of answer books of the candidates at Semester-I to Semester-IV examinations.” Personal verification of marks is allowed in the presence of Principal/ Vice-Principal and the concerned Examiner, provided you have applied for the same along with payment of prescribed fees within one week of the declaration of results. If you aren’t happy with this you may approach the College Grievance Committee for further clarifications.


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