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Re-accredited by NAAC (4th cycle) with A grade and CGPA 3.12 
Awarded the status of 'College with Potential for Excellence' by UGC
Awarded the DBT Star College Scheme
India Today Rankings (2022) : B.Sc.-88, B.C.A.-96, B.Com.-112, B.A.-119, B.B.A.-176

Mathematics - St. Xavier's College

Department of Mathematics

Vision: To be a Wheatstone of intelligence, an incentive for productive work, a facilitator of learning and a pride of the Institution.

Mission: To ensure and enhance a good career and betterment of our students, to nurture confidence in their own mathematical abilities through quality teaching – learning by providing cent percent attention, dedication and building up of a rapport with the students.

The Department of Mathematics is a dynamic department with experienced faculty with knowledge in pure and applied Mathematics. It provides remedial coaching for the weak students and helps them in problem solving. Students are taken on field trips and to other institutions of learning.

Our faculty members provide statistical data consultancy and research methodology consultancy for students and faculty members of this College as well as from other colleges to complete their research work. The department also conducts summer courses on certain mathematical areas of common interest. It trains the students to answer various competitive examinations. The faculty also conducts a mathematics quiz competition for its students. Yet another feature of the department is the commemoration of the National Statistics Day and National Mathematics Day every year.

With a three year BSc., in Mathematics, students can either pursue their post-graduation in Mathematics or opt for a B.Ed., Course, which will qualify them to enter the teaching field. Further, students also have the option of pursuing a course in MBA. The study of Mathematics provides an edge to students to qualify in the competitive examinations on account of their numerical skills.


  Dr. B. C.Nair (HOD)
  Associate Professor

  Mr. Gajanan Parab
  Assistant Professor

  Dr. Zen Lobo
  Assistant Professor

  Mr. Rahul Naik
  Assistant Professor



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