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Re-accredited by NAAC (4th cycle) with A grade and CGPA 3.12 
Awarded the status of 'College with Potential for Excellence' by UGC
Awarded the DBT Star College Scheme
India Today Rankings (2022) : B.Sc.-88, B.C.A.-96, B.Com.-112, B.A.-119, B.B.A.-176

Mass Communication - St. Xavier's College

Department of Mass Communication

Vision : The Department envisions helping young minds to discover their creative skills and use the audio–visual as well as digital mediums to produce media texts and messages, grounded with social and aesthetic appeal.

Mission :To develop smart media Professionals with optimum potential to contribute and grow in the rapidly growing media industries of today.

At the end of the undergraduate course, the students will be well-versed with contemporary media skills like TV production, Advertising, Graphic Designing, Film making and will be ready to enter into careers in various related media industries.

  • The department conducts visits to media organizations like TV channels, radio stations, studios and corporate sectors.
  • The Department also organises a Media Study tour during the Course to help students understand working environment and get an exposure of the industry indifferent parts of India.

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  Mr. Anzil Fernandes (Course Co-ordinator)
  Assistant Professor

  Mrs. Vailarose Fernandes
  Assistant Professor

  Ms. Althea Viegas
  Assistant Professor

  Mr. Vibhav Naik
  Assistant Professor

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