Botany - St. Xavier's College

Department of Botany

Vision: Integral and personal growth of young students, inculcating in them the attitude that nature is ours to use, not to abuse.

Mission: To protect and conserve nature for a better tomorrow. To provide advisory & consultancy services.

Botany is a study of Plant Science and Technology. The Department of Life Sciences was started with the inception of the College in 1963. In 1994, its nomenclature was changed to Department of Botany which offers a full fledged three year degree course. The Department has a well-equipped Laboratory, a Herbarium named after Rev. Fr. Joseph Pallithanam (S.J.) and a collection of preserved plant and animals specimens. The Herbarium is the oldest in Goa with a large collection of dried plant specimens and has been digitalized. The Department also has an Orchidarium named after Fr. Edward de Cruz, set up in 2003 and is first of its kind among the Educational Institutes in Goa.

The Department organizes an array of activities like Wild Flower Exhibition, Mushroom Cultivation, course on Wine making, Culturing and Mass Production of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi. Certificate courses are also conducted in Homemade Herbal Products and Collection, Isolation and Identification of Micro Fungi. Field trips are conducted and consultancy services are provided for identification of plants. Students are also sent for Internship training.

The Department publishes its Newsletter “Plantae”. Students of Botany after their graduation have a wide choice of careers. They can pursue their Masters degree in Botany, Genetics, Marine Science, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and continue with Ph.D. or seek employment in various Research and Agriculture Institutes or pursue teaching. Students can also be self-employed as a Horticulturist, Floriculturist, Mushroom Cultivator, Landscape developer, Ecotourism manager apart from setting up Agriculture farms.

Ms. Sabina M. Sales e Dias (H.O.D.)
Ms. Wendy F. Xavier Martins
Mr. Conceicao De Souza
Ms. Maria Beatriz De Souza
Dr. Harshala Gad
Dr. James D’ Souza
Dr. Maria A. D’ Souza
Dr. Suraksha Dongrekar
Dr. Seema D. Fernandes