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Commerce (M.Com)

The main objective of offering M.Com programme under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is to train manpower required for Teaching, Research and Industry requirements. After completing M.Com programme the candidate should be able to join in teaching profession as Assistant professor, join in research in any of the universities/Institutions for…

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The Department of Economics undertakes the B.A.General Course as per the Goa University guidelines. The Department is also an important part of the Department of Commerce which offers papers in Economics at the three year undergraduate programme.

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Awareness of plant life forms such as microbes, fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms. Study of their habitats, life cycle and economic importance. Knowledge of the plant kingdom and help them to appreciate and conserve nature. Whatever is learnt in theory is observed by the students in practicals so that…

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Commerce (B.Com)

Commerce is one of the most popular career options in mainstream education and forms the backbone of Business and Management. A Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce provides skill oriented education to students which empowers them to make effective use of skills and talents as entrepreneurs or employees.

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The course BA in Journalism is spread across six semesters with 18 specialised papers in journalism. The journalism study encompasses not only news writing or editing in the print media but also in electronic media with its specialised papers on Radio Broadcast Journalism, TV Broadcast Journalism. etc. Course structure for…

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Mass Communication

The Course is spread over three years in which the students are given training with a unique balance between technical and theoretical knowledge, through continuous practical sessions in each Semester. Each student is entitled to a month long internship to provide them with a proper industrial exposure. The course is…

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Biotechnology is one of the major tools in the 21st century and involves the study of technology combined with biology for the purpose of research and development. The subject finds scope and applicability in industrial sectors like food, beverages, textiles, medicines and pharmaceuticals as well as in the field of…

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The course consists of Discipline Specific Core (DSC) papers with 6 credits each, Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) papers with 6 credits each and Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) papers with 4 credits each distributed among 6 semesters.

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The three-year course includes two additional subjects in the initial four semesters, with specialisation in Physics during the Final year. During each semester, every paper has a practical component based on the corresponding theory.

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Microbiology is an applied biology course covering wide areas such as general microbiology, environmental, agriculture, medical, industrial, food and dairy and also including several advanced fields such as genetic engineering, immunology and fermentation technology.

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