Sociology - St. Xavier's College


Sr. No Particulars Details
1. Nomenclature B.A. in Sociology (General)

3 units offered

2. Duration of course 3 years
3. Specializations offered  
4. Brief about the Course The course aims at acquainting students with society, sociological perspectives, and contemporary social issues. It is organized in such a way that even students without prior knowledge of sociology can grasp the subject.

The project in the final year introduces the practical component where students are expected to merge theory and practice.

5. Course Structure Sem I

1.     Introduction to Sociology -I (DSC 1 A)

2.     Crime and Society (GE)

Sem II

1.     Introduction to Sociology -II (DSC 2 B)

2.     Religion and Society (GE)


1.     Social Institutions in India

2.     Allied to Sociology- Crime and Society

3.     Applied Component- Women’s Issues

Sem IV

1.     Society and Culture in Goa (DSC 2B)

2.     Allied to Sociology- Social Welfare and Social Legislations

3.     Applied Component- Goan Heritage

Sem V

1.     History of Sociology- I

2.     Social Concerns in Contemporary India- I

3.     Women and Society in India- I

Sem VI

1.     History of Sociology- II

2.     Social Concerns in Contemporary India- II

3.Women and Society in India- II