Psychology - St. Xavier's College


Sr. No Particulars Details
1. Nomenclature B.A. in Psychology

3 units and 6 units offered

2. Duration of course 3 years
3. Specializations offered
4. Brief about the Course ·        The course aims at imparting knowledge of the basic concepts and modern trends in psychology.

·        Through a blend of theory and practicals it will also make the students aware of the applications of psychological concepts in various fields so that they understand the relevance of psychology in different areas of life.

5. Course Structure List of papers as per CBCS & semester wise with credits

Sem I

1.     Fundamentals of Psychology I (DSC PSY 1A)

2.     Chlid psychology (GE PSY 1A)

Sem II

1.     Fundamentals of Psychology II (DSC PSY 3B)

2.     Psychology of Adolescence (GE PSY 2B)