Physics - St. Xavier's College


The three-year course includes two additional subjects in the initial four semesters, with specialisation in Physics during the Final year. During each semester, every paper has a practical component based on the corresponding theory. This undergraduate course in Physics imparts the necessary intellectual and academic inputs to students thereby enabling them to take up post-graduate followed by doctoral studies in the subject. Besides, the subject content develops in students the required competencies to take up employment in academic, technical and industrial domains.


Course Structure

  1. Mechanics and Properties of Matter (DSC 1A)
  2. Mechanics and Properties of matter.(G.E-1)
  1. Heat and thermodynamics (DSC 1-B)
  2. Optics (G.E-4)

Note: Due to changes in the structure with the introduction of the new Choice-Based Credit System, the papers offered in Semester 3, 4, 5 & 6 are yet to be finalised and will be updated at the earliest.

The Department of Physics