Microbiology - St. Xavier's College


Microbiology is an applied biology course covering wide areas such as general microbiology, environmental, agriculture, medical, industrial, food and dairy and also including several advanced fields such as genetic engineering, immunology and fermentation technology. The course is well balanced with adequate theory and practical components equipping students with the knowledge of handling various laboratory instruments.

Course Structure

  1. Microbiology and Biochemistry – I (CORE PARER) – 6 credits
  2. Introduction and Scope of microbiology (GE) – 4 credits
  1. Microbiology and Biochemistry – II (CORE PARER) – 6 credits
  2. Industrial and Food Microbiology (GE) – 4 credits

Note: Due to changes in the structure with the introduction of the new Choice-Based Credit System, the papers offered in Semester 3, 4, 5 & 6 are yet to be finalised and will be updated at the earliest.

The Department of Microbiology