Mathematics - St. Xavier's College


Sr. No Particulars Details
1. Nomenclature B.Sc. in Mathematics (Honors)

B.Sc in Mathematics (General)

2. Duration of course 3 years
3. Specializations offered Mathematics
4. Brief about the Course To inculcate in students love for Mathematics, and to justify thereby the subject is very different from what was taught to them in schooling years. Doing away with the phobia for Mathematics is the main aim.

 Besides, they will be nurtured in acts of thinking, reasoning and applying the rules to various aspects during the course of their graduation.

The course is a blend of pure and applied Mathematics – complimented by programming practical sessions. 

   Lastly, it is intended to inspire bright, young minds to appreciate the subject and to help them acquire skills necessary to pursue higher studies, research and teaching.


5. Course Structure Semester I

1.     Calculus and Numerical Methods (DSC* 1A – 6 credits)

2.     Probability and Statistics (GE** 1 – 4 credits)


Semester II

1.     Matrices and Linear Algebra (DSC 1B – 6 credits)

2.     Numerical Methods (GE 2 – 4 credits)


Semester III

1.     Ordinary Differential Equations and Discrete Mathematics (DSC 1C – 6 credits)

2.     Statistical Methods (SEC*** 1 – 4 credits)


Semester IV

1.     Analysis and Operations Research (DSC 1D – 6 credits)

2.     Analytical Geometry (SEC 2 – 4 credits)


*Discipline Specific Core

**Generic Electives

***Skill Enhancement Course