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Biotechnology is one of the major tools in the 21st century and involves the study of technology combined with biology for the purpose of research and development. The subject finds scope and applicability in industrial sectors like food, beverages, textiles, medicines and pharmaceuticals as well as in the field of agriculture, nutrition, animal husbandry and environmental conservation.

The syllabus familiarises the students with fundamental concepts and practical exercises that include induction of callus and micro propagation of plantlets, somatic embryogenesis, production of synthetic seeds, isolation of DNA and RNA, restriction enzyme digestion and ligation, gel electrophoresis, screening of industrially important biomolecules, usage of biophysical and bio statistical tools, medical/ laboratory techniques among others.


Course Structure

  1. Biochemistry and Metabolism (DSC I) – theory & practical (4+2 credits)
  2. Biodiversity I (DSC 2) – theory & practical (4+2 credits)
  3. Inorganic & Organic Chemistry (DSC III) – theory & practical (4+2 credits)
  4. Biotechnology and Human Welfare (GEC-I) – theory & practical (4+2 credits)
  5. EVS (AECC I) – theory (4 credits)
  1. General Microbiology (DCS- IV) – theory & practical (4+2 credits)
  2. Biodiversity II (DCS-V) – theory & practical (4+2 credits)
  3. Physical & Organic Chemistry (DCS – VI) – theory & practical (4+2 credits)
  4. Entrepreneurship Development (GEC – II) – theory & practical (4+2 credits)
  5. English (AECC-II) – theory (4 credits)

Note: Due to changes in the structure with the introduction of the new Choice-Based Credit System, the papers offered in Semester 3, 4, 5 & 6 are yet to be finalised and will be updated at the earliest.

The Department of Biotechnology