BBA - St. Xavier's College


Course Details

Sr. No Particulars Details
1. Nomenclature BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
2. Duration of course 3 years
3. Specializations offered (Marketing/Finance/HR)
4. Brief about the Course •         To build competence in students to effectively undertake entry-level managerial jobs in organizations.

•         Ability to identify, create analyse and suggest solutions to various businesses.

•         Training in Entrepreneurship programs which help students to start their own businesses.

5. Course Structure Students need to complete a minimum number of credits in order to be awarded a bachelors degree.

Trimester System based on credits

·        Core Business Courses(Marketing, Human Resource, Production Management, Finance Economics etc*)

· Non-Business Courses(Photography, Pottery, Art, Creative Writing etc*)

·        Soft Skills Courses(Oral, Written communication, presentation Skills etc*)

·        Other Business Courses(Event Management Services Marketing, Mutual Funds, Training & Development)

·        Internships (Industry based compulsory)

(*For a list of all subjects and detailed information kindly refer to ordinance &  syllabus 2017)