BBA (Travel and Tourism) - St. Xavier's College

BBA (Travel and Tourism)

Sr. No Particulars Details
1. Nomenclature B.B.A. (Travel & Tourism)

11 Terms offered

2. Duration of course 3 years
3. Specializations offered Apart from Core management subjects

(Airline Management/CRS/ Event Management/Hospitality/Tourism Industry/Management of Transport/ Entrepreneurship etc.)

4. Brief about the Course To build competence in students to effectively undertake managerial jobs in organizations.

A student of BBA (T&T) has to complete a total of 140 Credits for the award of the degree. The breakups of credits are CBC-52 credits, CSSC-12 credits, OBC-30, Credits, ONBC-24 credits. Summer internship seminar and report 22 credits. During the internship, students have to compulsorily spend eight weeks in any travel & tourism related organization. This helps them to gain insights into the working of an organization as well as to apply their theoretical concepts in the industry.

As per the scheme of the examination each credit carries 25 marks, the assessment of all courses shall comprise of continuous evaluation through semester pattern, the ISA and the SEA have weightage of 50% each. Appearing for both ISA & SEA, is compulsory for passing. There shall be no award of grace marks. 

5. Course Structure List of abbreviations used:

CBC- Core Business Course

CSSC- Core Soft Skills Course

ONBC- Optional Non-Business Course

Term  I

1.     Fundamentals of Tourism Industry-1 (CBC)

2.     Travel Agency Management (CBC)

3.     Management Process (CBC)

4.     Marketing  for Hospitality & Tourism-1 (CBC)

5.     Time Management (CSSC)

6.     Presentation Skills (CSSC)

7.     Quilling Art (ONBC)

8.     Health & Nutrition (ONBC)