St Xavier's participated in Psychorocks 2019 by PES RNS’s College of Arts and Science - St. Xavier's College

“Success does not just come and find you. You have to go out and get it.”

On 27th February 2019, 10 students from St. Xavier’s College Mapusa – Jessica De Souza (CL), Riya Parab, Erica Periera, Uzma Khan, Trisha Lopes, Aakansha Naik, Marlene Fernandes, Lerissa Sawant, Zeon Romano and Joel Fernandes accompanied by Psychology Professor Mrs. Anuradha kakodkar, participated in an inter collegiate psychology festival, Psychorocks 2019 organized by PES RNS’s College of Arts and Science, Farmagudi. The theme of the festival was “Environmental Psychology: the need of the hour”    A total of 8 colleges participated in the festival.

St. Xavier’s college bagged the first place in 5 events:

  1. Psyclick – A video depicting cleaning a selected location in a creative and motivational way in which all 10 students participated.
  2. Psyching (The Psychology Singing Competition). Erica Pereira, Jessica De Souza, Lerissa Sawant, Marlene Fernandes and Trisha Lopes performed the song ‘Try’ that highlighted self and social acceptance of individual differences by society.
  3.  ‘The Showcase’ (Talent Show) had Zeon Romano perform  fire acrobatics  which had the audience in awe.
  4. Psynox (dialogue competition) in which the characters assume the role of natural resources such as trees or animals, played by Erica Pereira and Jessica De Souza who presented a dialogue between the sea and the shore.
  5. “We are the world, we are the children” (Fruit and vegetable carving) in which Joel Fernandes, Aakansha Naik and Uzma Khan creatively depicted a clean beach. 

The College won the second place in En Psync, , the Dance Competition in which Riya Parab, Uzma Khan, Marlene Fernandes, Trisha Lopes and Aakansha Naik showcased the cause and effect of garbage on Mother Nature as they danced to the song ‘Believer’.

St Xavier’s College was proclaimed the Champions of Psychorocks 2019 and victoriously brought home the trophy.