A visit to Nestle; Beyond Chocolates and Noodles - St. Xavier's College

The Department of Chemistry organised an educational excursion to Nestle India Limited, Bicholim, Matne, Goa on the 16th and 23rd of February, 2019 at 2:00 pm. The visit was coordinated by Ms. Sheryl D’Cruz, Ms. Shivta Mayenkar, Ms. Flavia Travasso and Dr. Vinod Mandrekar.         

The Corporate Affairs Manager, Mr. Mario Fernandes welcomed the students and accompanying teachers. He briefed the audience on the history of Nestle, adding that the headquarters are at Gurgaon. Highlighting on the social outreach programs which are Nutrition, Water and Sanitation and the Environment, Mr. Fernandes explained how Nestle gives back to the Society. During the Q&A session a lot of queries were attended to and clarified, one being the Maggie Crisis. He also went on to explain how variations are made to the noodle masala as well as the sauces in order to satiate the Indian palette as well as several other countries to which the products are exported.

After this, followed the tour around the Nestle Plant. The students were mesmerised having the first hand experience of seeing the magnificent machinery employed by Nestle. They got to see how Maggie noodles are converted from large Maida sheets into the curly fine strands and also learnt why they are called two-minute noodles. The automated system of how Maggie noodles are packed and the sensors used to sense if the masala sachets have been added or not was fascinating.

In the Sauce section, we got to learn that the company procures tomato pulp from their clientele after ensuring all the specifications are met.

After such an exhaustive tour we were treated to the all time favourite lip smacking noodles. Before leaving the plant the students were required to enact an advertisement for Maggie noodles which they did, with to-the- point, yet hilarious compositions.

The students departed at 5:00 pm. but not before being given hampers of Maggie Noodles and chocolates!

The students went home guaranteed enriched with knowledge and experience.