The BARC Outreach Program - St. Xavier's College

The Department of Physics and Chemistry of St. Xavier’s College Mapusa, in association with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and Department of Science and Technology (DST), government of Goa organised one day seminar on Atomic Energy for Sustainable development. The seminar was held at St. Xavier’s College Mapusa on 11th February 2019.

The seminar and poster session was inaugurated at the hands of Dr. R. K. Singh, Head media relation and Public awareness section of BARC. The inaugural function began with prayer by Ms. Sheryl D’Cruz, Assistant Prof. in Chemistry. In his inaugural address Principal Fr. (Dr.) Jeronimo D’Silva welcomed the guest speaker and the participants for the seminar. Principal mentioned that such initiative of BARC to reach to people and especially young students will motivate the younger generation to do better in their studies and career. Dr. Vinod Mandrekar, Assistant Prof. in Chemistry introduced the speaker Dr. R. K. Singh. The inaugural function concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Teotone Vaz, Head Department of Chemistry.

The seminar comprised of three sessions. In the first session Dr. R. K. Singh delivered audio-visual talk on “Atomic Energy for Sustainable Development: for Empowering India”.

The talk highlighted the major challenges in energy generation and the contribution of atomic energy in various fields. Atomic energy is one of the best scientific gift to society of 20th century. Application of nuclear energy is in all the fields that include agriculture, food preservation, mutation, and health as well as space study. He also explained about the health care facility using nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is used in diagnostic as well as in treatment of cancer. BARC scientist have recently indigenously developed Bhbhatron, a teletherapy machine. In his talk he also discussed various other instrument facilities at DAE.

The second session was on career opportunities in the Department of atomic energy. This talk highlighted on the opportunities for students to join as a scientist or to do research at DAE laboratories. The DAE facilities include, BARC Mumbai, IGCAR Kalpakan, RRCAT Indore, NFC Hyderabad, VECC Kolkata, NPCIL India, AMDER Hyderabad, Brit and BHAVANI. Core programmes at various centres of DAE. The poster exhibition gave information regarding the use of radiation in various applications including food processing.

The post lunch session there was interaction between student participants and the guest speaker. Various questions poised by the student were patiently answered by Dr. R. K. Singh. In the valedictory session students gave their feedback about the workshop. Vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Pradeep Morajkar, Head department of Physics and the coordinator of the seminar at St. Xavier’s college.

Ms. Sheryl D’Cruz and Dr. Reshma Raut Dessai, compered the programme.