Faculty Enrichment Programme (Academic Year 2017-2018) - St. Xavier's College

The Two-day Faculty Enrichment Programme held on 5th and 6th of April, 2018, for the academic year 2017 -2018, organized by IQAC, on the theme “Ensuring excellence in higher education through intellectual property rights (IPRs) and performance based appraisal system (PBAS) witnessed a plethora of varied intellectually stimulating knowledge based presentations and discussions. The inaugural began by invoking God’s blessings followed by the officiating principal, Fr. Jeronimo D’Silva welcoming the gathering and the resource persons for the day. The vote of thanks was proposed by Pradeep Morajkar.

Dr. Sabha Da Silva, principal of Kare College of Law, the first resource person for the day, was introduced to the audience by Dr. Bosco Lawrence. Being an eminent scholar in the field of law, the resource person threw light on concepts of properties with a special focus on intellectual property and its relation to copyrights, plagiarism and stressed on IPR section 52 for details. He also stated that the uniqueness of written material could be assessed through the use of plagiarism check software called ‘Urkund’ available at the Goa University Library.

The next resource person for the day was S. N. Inavalli speaking on patenting law in India and explained that Patenting can be for a process or a product that guarantees a monopoly right. Specifications of patenting protocol, grounds of opposition to patenting, exceptions and limitations to patenting as well as remedies to infringements were covered intellectually in the session.

The session for the afternoon, after lunch break, was engaged by Dr. Ranjana Ferrao who enlightened us on several aspects of trademark and design. Through several slides on advertisements she cleverly made the audience think about copyrights and genuiness of products.

The second day of the FEP began with a prayer followed by the reading of the previous day report by Sheryl D’cruz. The resource person for the morning session was Dr. Gervasio Mendes, Principal of Government College Sanquelim & Additional Director of Higher Education, government of Goa , dealing with public grievances. He spoke on API & Service conditions of Teachers wherein he stated that the DHE and the and educational institutions of higher learning have to work together as partners to put the system in place and make it fair and objective to all. He spoke about the 6 levels of CAS for teachers , the capping assessment for promotions to higher grades and service book matters. He spoke in detail about pension procedures and said that all details in the service book has to be check by each employee every year and errors to be notified and corrected if required immediately.

After mid tea-break the second session was engaged by Ms. Shalini Menezes on the topic ‘Intellectual Property Rights and Cyberspace’. She spoke about the chain of IP activities, statutes of IP, what is protected and not protected in copyrights & lawlessness on the internet. Stressing on the fact that laws have not kept pace with IT, she threw light on internet cases of linking, framing, uploading & downloading and software privacy. Section 14 in India was explained through right in rem, right in persona and John Doe. Also issues such as The IT Act of 2008 that protects service providers from secondary infringement, factors specifying fair use, myths, protecting copyrights, trademark and internet and domain name issues were discussed with appropriate examples.

Healthy teacher- Happy teacher was the next session engaged by an inspiring clinical nutritionist Sheryl Alphonso who lively presented some errors of diet among teachers and stressed on the need for nutritional meals, adequate water intake, planning of meals and exercise to ensure good physical health. She stressed on the idea that each one of us are equal partners in health and one’s health will ensure one’s happiness and the health and happiness of the family as well.

The last session of the day was conducted by Dr. Rufin Monterio wherein he strongly highlighting the importance of healthy eating habits to push away lifestyles diseases that plaque our small state of Goa today. Maintaining good health is in our hands and we have a duty to safeguard our health for our own happiness and the happiness of others.

The valedictory function was held at 4.15 pm. The newsletter of the college ‘ Xavierite’ and the newsletter of the department of Biotechnology was released at the hands of Dr. Rufin Monteiro. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Blanche Mascarenhas, co-ordinator of the FEP and vice principal of the college.

Overall, the FEP enveloped a knowledge based intellectually provoking and insightful learning into issues of current day importance related to teachers. The organizing committee did a good job and deserves to be appreciated.