Convener : Ms. Janesline Fernandes           Co-Convenor : Dr. Valerie Gonsalves 

This linkage aims at exposing the students to the structure and working of various instruments and also at understanding the work ethos of industries. The College has an MoU with the Inspectorate of Factories and Boilers, Altinho Panjim Goa under which it extends facilities of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer,Flame photometer, Gas Chromatography etc. to the students of the M.Sc programme in Physical Chemistry. The linkage has been renewed for the next five years from January 2014. 
The TY students of Biotechnology visited John Distilleries in Cuncolim on 26th August 2014. The students were shown the different stages involved in the production, maturation & distillation of wines & spirits The effluent treatment plan and stepwise processes involved in the treatment of the effluents was explained.

 On 12th March 2015, the students of Biotechnology were taken to the Orchid Biomedical system, The Tulip group, Verna -the company that produces diagnostic kits and reagents. They were briefed about the Tulip group of companies and were shown the areas of storage of raw material, areas of production, packaging and quality assurance, in-line products and finished products, and the activities in the various departments were explained and demonstrated. 
The graduate students of the department of Chemistry attended a talk on 23rd August 2014, delivered by Mr. Melvin D’Souza, VirGO Pharma Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Verna-Goa. He made the students aware of the different job opportunities in India & abroad in the field of Chemistry and gave them guidelines on how to apply for jobs & PhD. programmes. He also motivated the students to go in for higher studies in the area of Chemistry research. TY Chemistry students also attended a talk delivered by Ms. Shubhangi Avachare, working at Watson Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai on 20th Sept. 2015. She motivated  students to pursue higher studies and told them about the job opportunities in various Pharma industries. She advised the students to work hard to achieve success at their workplace and in life. 
The students of T.Y.B.Sc. Biotechnology and Chemistry were acquainted with the structure and working of instruments such as the Gas Chromatography, High pressure liquid chromatography and IR spectroscopy in the Post Graduate Department of Chemistry, at the College. The utility of these analytical instruments for chemical, microbiological and toxicological studies was also explained.