Convener        :                   Ms. Wendy F. Xavier Martins

 Co-convener :                    Dr. D. M. Jakati 

ICAR plays a major role in promoting excellence in agriculture in Goa. It is mainly involved in research activities which are aimed at improving the production and productivity of the major crops.

There exists a viable linkage between ICAR and St. Xavier’s College. This linkage has been established with an objectives of exposing students to different fields of research done at ICAR, to avail the services like faculty, library and laboratory.

 A field trip was organized on8th February, 2014 to ICAR, Old Goa. The gardens there had a wide collection of plants, where mixed cropping of ten different varieties of banana with cocoa, black pepper, cardamom, cloves was seen. Orchards of 124 different germ plants of different varieties of Mango are maintained. There are large sessions of beautiful big Heliconias, different types of Coconut trees, brinjal, kokum, guavas, broom grass, pineapples, arecanut, castor, sweet potato, papaya and they also had a large field for green manuring.

The fish culture unit where fish like Catla, Rohu and Mrigal were reared in open pits, was visited. They saw breeding pits of different varieties of exotic fish. The piggery was visited where a number of breeding experiments were carried out. Different types of pigs, cows, rabbits which were subjected to different experiements were observed.At the hydroponics laboratory maize was grown in a soil-less condition.

The students enjoyed the trip and also learnt about the various fields of research carried out at ICAR.