Self finance - SY, TY Admissions - St. Xavier's College

Admissions to the Second and Third Year BBA/BBA(T&T)/BCA/ Mass Communication/ Journalism will be conducted on the following dates:

  1. Friday, 1st June, 2018         –          SY (BBA/BBA(T&T)/BCA/ Mass Communication/ Journalism)
  2. Saturday, 2ndJune, 2018   –          TY (BBA/BBA(T&T)/BCA/ Mass Communication/ Journalism)





  1. One passport size photograph.
  2. Second Year Students: 550/- in cash (Admission Form/ Handbook/ID Card/ Cultural Activities Fee).
  3. Third Year Students: 600/- in cash (Admission Form/ Handbook/ID Card/ Alumni Registration Fee).
  4. Admission form will be issued only after fee Payment, that is, NEFT SLIP/DEPOSIT SLIP COUNTER FOIL being produced. Therefore, fee payment has to be made in advance, that is, before Admission Dates given above.


  • ) All Admission payments are to be made by NEFT. Only cheques of Central Bank of India can be deposited from any branch of Central Bank of India to our Account as per the details given below:

Name of the Beneficiary         :           St. Xavier’s College

Name of the Bank                     :           Central Bank of India

Branch                                           :           St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa

Type of A/c.                                  :           Savings

IFSC Code                                     :           CBIN0284049

MICR CODE                                  :           403016027


A/c. Nos.                          

SY/TYBA Mass Communication                               (A/c 1683134188)            

SY/TYBA Journalism                                                    (A/c 1683135159)    

SY/TYB.Sc Biotechnology                                           (A/c 1683134610)            

SY/TY BCA                                                                         (A/c 1683134382)            

SY/TY BBA                                                                         (A/c 1683135046)            

SY/TY BBA(T&T)                                                            (A/c 1683135057)       


  • ) The following details should be written on the NEFT acknowledgement slip
  1. Fee amount should be clearly written on the front side of the NEFT acknowledgement slip.
  2. Make sure that the bank mentions the UTR No. on the NEFT acknowledgement slip.
  3. Name of the Student, Contact Number (mobile), Class and Name of the Person/ Account holder from whose account the NEFT is debited from, to be written on the Back Side of the NEFT Acknowledgement Slip


  • ) In case of Cheque Payment: Cheque of Central Bank of India only, can be deposited at any Branch of Central Bank of India to St. Xavier’s College Account as per the details above – and Back side of the Cheque deposit counter foil should have mention the following details: Cheque Number, Date, Name of the Bank, Branch, Name of Student, Class, Contact Number (Mobile).


  • ) FEES PAYABLE: Click Here to Check Fees Payable along with account number in which fees have to be transferred by NEFT.


Second/Third Year B.B.A./B.B.A.(T&T)/BCA/Mass Communication/Journalism/Biotechnology

for 2018-19

CLASS Amount to be paid in


In Bank Account Number
S.Y. Mass Communication 42,474.00 1683134188
T.Y. Mass Communication 44,399.00 1683134188
S.Y. Journalism 42,474.00 1683135159
T.Y. Journalism 43,339.00 1683135159
S.Y. Biotechnology 54,214.00 1683134610
T.Y. Biotechnology 54,289.00 1683134610
S.Y.B.C.A. 49,074.00 1683134382
T.Y.B.C.A. 49,259.00 1683134382
S.Y.B.B.A. 62,194.00 1683135046
T.Y.B.B.A. 62,024.00 1683135046
S.Y.B.B.A.(T&T) 62,194.00 1683135057
T.Y.B.B.A.(T&T) 64,024.00 1683135057