SEEs Coming up and Fast!

If you walk through the college campus, you see students getting their acts together, collecting notes, and asking for directions to the library since it is that time of year again. The SEEs kicking off, toward the end of October, mark the end of another semester.

Crescendo Music School a St. Xavier’s initiative

Crescendo provides our college students with an opportunity to discover and nurture their talent for singing. Provide a little of bit of your time and improve a talent for a lifetime.
2 hours a week after college lectures.
Batch 1 : 2.30 [15 Seats]
Batch 2 : 3.30 [15 Seats]
Book your Seat NOW. Hurry!!!

St. Xavier’s is going digital.

St Xavier’s isĀ  in the habit of keeping everyone informed about the different initiatives on campus. Every department has a newsletter, magazine or brochure going out at some point or the other.

The college is pushing to reduce their carbon footprint and moving their magazines online. All magazines for the year 2017-18 will be uploaded to the website.

You can start with a sneak peak here

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